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Turbine install

Söderqvist Engineering Sweden AB has extensive experience of turbine installations worldwide. We have installed various brands such as Dresser-Rand, M + M Turbinen Technik, Fincantieri, Triveni and many others. We are involved from initial planning of the installation to hot commissioning and handover to customers.

Turbine service

Söderqvist Engineering Sweden AB offers planning, preventive maintenance, service agreement, audit and turbine repair. We also offer generator service and repair. We provide laser alignment, vibration analysis, field balancing, endoscopy, oil treatment with particle and water removal, oil analysis, certified tools and equipment, certified safety equipment.

Replacements parts

Söderqvist Engineering Sweden AB provides steam turbine spare parts, both newly manufactured and renovated to original specification.


Since early 2000, Söderqvist Engineering Sweden AB has been a service agent for the enriched German compressor manufacturer Mehrer Compression GmbH. We provide service, original wear and spare parts, service agreement and repairs.